What We Do

Pet Licenseez partners with municipalities making it easy and convenient for pet owners to instantly register their animals by way of their smartphones.
Our app not only makes it easy and convenient for pet owners it also has incredible added values such as

Call a Vet

Connect anytime 24 hours a day with a certified Vet through video conference or text. First call free when you register your pet! (a value of $80.00)

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Call the City

Our app instantly connects you with the city by the touch of the call button

Pet Insurance

Instant registration, Instant claims, pet insurance made easy!

Pet Services

Find any pet related service in your area via GPS by the click of a button. Find emergency Vet clinics, Local Animal Controls, Groomers, Walkers or Sitters.

Animal Cruelty Emergency

If you see an act of animal abuse – just press the emergency button and connect to the animal Investigation department


Report wildlife concerns or issues to your local wildlife organization

Coupons, savings and rewards

Pet owners will get coupons and savings for their companions when they register their animals with the City.

Pet Registration

Register your pet with the city and receive a virtual tag on your phone instantly for verification. Perfect for those active dogs who keep losing their tags!

Lost and Found

Our lost and found feature has cutting edge face recognition technology that helps lost animals find their homes quickly and safely.

Pet tag

  • Standard pet tag

  • Custom pet tags

Our rewards program

  • Instant Access to a Vet 24 -7

  • Discounts through multiple pet vendors in your area and across the country

  • Monthly rewards given to lucky registered pet owners

  • 5 times value given in discounts

  • Access to discounted pet insurance

What the town or city gets

  • Their own website portal for clients to register

  • Their own app to download from ITunes and the Play store branded to their colours and logos

  • Their own lost and found pet system

  • Monthly detailed reports on updates to the registry and lost and found pets in the area

  • Instant access to all the pets registered for pet enforcement officers in the field

  • Their own push messaging system that will allow them to push messages to their residents at anytime.  This can be used for weather alerts, road closures or shut downs, school closures or upcoming festivals and functions.

Our Services Area


Head office – 305 Renfrew Dr, Unit 101A,  Markham, Ontario, L3R 9S7.
Phone – 905-881-5814
Email – info@petliceneez.com

Trusted Pet Registration Across the Country!

Reservations include 24/7 customer support