Our Clients

Our Clients

Pet Licenseez is a global app providing services around the world.  Our clients include Pet Insurance companies, Local Municipalities, Vet Clinics, Shelters and Animal Welfare Organizations.

When your city partners with us, our sole mandate is to increase your pet registration

The objective

  • Easy transition from city to Pet Liceneez system

  • Increase in pet registry through the app and website

  • Use social media and other formats to promote the services

  • Use local business to promote our services

  • Make sure every lost pet that has been reported has been returned home


The benefits of partnering with us:

  • Increased pet registration and compliance

  • Increased revenue for the city

  • Reduce administrative costs

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Make registration instant and easy and worthwhile to the pet owner with built in incentives doubling the value

  • Back office compatibility with current City computer systems

  • Instant payment through phone application with the ability to renew payment automatically

  • Reduce mailing costs (reminders can be sent by phone – paperless)

  • The ability to push crucial information to your residents at anytime

  • We have a web presence for those clients that prefer to do things on-line

Custom Modules

We have our own in-house programmers who can build and customize your own app to suit the needs of your city or town.  We are not limited to animal services, our app has the ability to do much more such as electronic parking enforcement and payment, push notifications for specific and specialized city services, warnings and alerts to name just a few.

Our Partners

We have teamed up with a company called Vets Plus More to offer Pet Owners access to a certified Vet through video conference or text right from their phones.  This service is available 24/7.
We are offering all new pet registrations a free call.
And a discount to all registered Pet Owners for the service on a monthly basis.



Top Dog

I have been working in the IT Industry for 10 years bringing new technology to the foreground to help make people's lives easier.


Lead Dog of Marketing

Vanessa has a wide range of
Entrepreneurial backgrounds
And has been involved in
Animal welfare for over 20 years
Her family includes 4 rescued sled dogs that keep her in line.


IT Dog

Kyle is in charge of our Ever growing IT department. Kyle works on a range of Projects within the company Extending to medical health care for humans

Patrick Hanson

Sales Manager

Patrick's knowledge of Business, Sales and Technology make him a valuable member of our team